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Jordan paints under the name Jordan ( and is also a psychic and writes under the name Jordana Sands.( Jordan is also Sandy Jordan, actress and singer and partner in New Apple Productions ( . New Apple is located in NYC and is dedicated to promoting the visual and performing arts. NAP is associated with The Big Apple Film Festival.

Jordan says, \"I see life as a metamorphosis, an infinity, a cyclical flow of energy, universal energy with no beginning and no end. I paint that energy. When I paint a flower, I am that flower. Sometimes when I paint, I realize that I am unaware of what I am painting ------ Only that I am painting.\"

Jordan has enjoyed an unusually broad and diversified background in the creative arts. Her artistic activities began in childhood, as a dancer, actress and singer. She (Sandy Jordan) has performed on stage and screen, and sung in concerts, clubs and on TV in the states as well as abroad. Her repertoire ranges from Puccini to jazz.

During Sandy\'s most active years in the performing arts spent as much time as possible on her art work. She designed fabrics, jewelry, sculpted in stone and clay. Her hand painted ties and bottles were sold in several of the chic Madison Avenue Boutiques.

Jordan studied art at New York\'s famous Art Student League. She studied anatomical drawing with the famous artist Gustav Rehberger, through whom, \"I learned to see as well as sense the life and motion in the human form. Gary Faigan gave me the structure and the wonderful Michael Burban the joy and sense of accomplishment. Through Richard Goetz I learned to see form, colors and composition. Hilary Holmes gave me a knowledge of the palette and the discipline necessary to paint realism, while Nelson Shanks taught me the difference between sketching and painting a portrait. Thomas Fogarty and Oldrich Teply taught me to see and express freely what I saw and gave me the faith in myself not to doubt my abilities. The famous abstract artist, Richard Pousette-Dart gave me an understanding of abstract thought and emotion. This understanding gave me the freedom to express my feelings in abstract form on canvas.\"

Jordan is mediagenic and no stranger to the media. She has been interviewed by numerous radio and TV talk show hosts as well as having lots of spots on the local and national news shows. New York Post\'s famous Cindy Adam\'s wrote about Sandra in her column along with numerous others who are fascinated with her psychic celebrity portraits. She was interviewed by NBC News among others about her portrait of John Lennon entitled \"Strawberry Fields.\"

Jordan has had numerous art shows in the states as well as abroad. Her works hang in collections around the world. Sandra’s psychic impressionist portraits have made her a favorite of the celebrity world and her visionary paintings and impressionist florals have been shown in New York City\'s most famous galleries, Jordan was one of the few artists chosen to be represented by the world famous Grand Central Gallery until its recent close.

Jordan accepts commissions for portraits of people and pets, and enjoys working with interior designers to create paintings designed to conform with the special needs of their clients.

Jordan\'s Art by Design Studio
420 E. 55th St. Suite 9N
NYC, NY 10022
Studio 212 832-7657

Selected Galleries

Genesis Gallery - 57th St. NYC
Grand Central Gallery - 57th St NYC
Nina\'s Choice Gallery - 57th St. NYC
Dyansen Gallery - Soho NYC
Lombardi Gallery - Soho NYC
Jadite Gallery - NYC
Zeigler Gallery - Zurich Switz.
Lafayette Gallery - Dallas TX
National Art Sources & Services - NYC
Darell Ramon Garanza Gallery - Dallas TX
Guild Hall Museum - East Hampton, NY
Atlantic Bank - NYC
Crystal Bay Gallery - Peekskill, NY
Winthrop Collection - Madison Ave, NYC
Bridge Hampton Gallery, Bridge Hampton, NY
Watchung Gallery
Lumen Gallery

Communications Consulting Corp
Lessin Technology
Breslow & Walker
Ziegler Corp.
Smart Card International
National Communications Association
Association for Information Management
Universal executive Centers
S.A.M. Associates
Progressive Ribbon
International Card Technology
Interservice Institute


New Upload by Jordana Sands


TUNES BY TWO by Jordana Sands


The Grandma Agrees by Jordana Sands


The Grandma's affairs by Jordana Sands


Marilyn by Jordana Sands


Bogey by Jordana Sands


Elvis by Jordana Sands


Cary Grant by Jordana Sands




Antique Red Roses by Jordana Sands


Venus Rising by Jordana Sands


Birth by Jordana Sands


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BALOONY by Jordana Sands


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PEOPLES by Jordana Sands


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Music of the Spheres by Jordana Sands


Antique Red Roses by Jordana Sands


White Carafe by Jordana Sands


portrait by Jordana Sands


My Baby Poodle by Jordana Sands


The Girl by Jordana Sands


Blooms by Jordana Sands


Kitty Kat by Jordana Sands


Desert Sunset by Jordana Sands


Desert Eve by Jordana Sands


The Angel by Jordana Sands


Floral Energies by Jordana Sands


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My Garden in the Morning by Jordana Sands


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Universal Energies by Jordana Sands


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The Little Squirrel by Jordana Sands


light pink puffs by Jordana Sands


Floral Puffs in Brown by Jordana Sands


Floral Puffs in Purple by Jordana Sands


Floral Puffs in Green by Jordana Sands


Flowers in Blue by Jordana Sands


Mother Earth by Jordana Sands


Black Vase Floral by Jordan


Llittle Sun Flower by Jordana Sands


Floral pastels Arrangement by Jordana Sands


The Blue and White Vase by Jordana Sands